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Queens Dimaond Jubilee

Diamond Jubilee tour in Malaysia

The Duchess of Cambridge made her first official speech abroad outside a childrens hospice. Kate spoke of how she had learned the importance of the care provided by being a patron for hospices in East Anglia.

Catherine said, “”Providing children and their families with a place of support, care and enhancement at a time of great need is simply life changing,” she said.

The duchess offered birthday wishes to Zakwan Anuar, who had turned 15 two days earlier

“With effective palliative care lives can be transformed. Treatment, support, care and advice can provide a lifeline to families at a time of great need.

“This is a very special place and so much has already been achieved”.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had a guided tour of the Children’s Hospice, where they met with staff and patients.

Kate sat with 15-year old Zakwan Anwar, is a Leukaemia sufferer who goes through pain every day, yet the young boy turned down his blood transfusion in order to meet with the future Queen.  She also gave birthday wishes and signed his birthday card; Zakwan had turned 15 two days earlier.

Later on the Duchess of Cambridge admitted that she was ‘nervous’ as she spoke to the Queen of Malaysia.

The Malaysian Queen said the Kate had said to her, ‘I was so nervous and I am very glad that it is over with. There was an amazing atmosphere.

Kate and Will dined with the Royal family of Malaysia and other people who play an important role in Malaysia. The Duchess wore an embroidered white Alexander McQueen floor length gown, which featured the Malaysian flower Hibiscus in gold detail.

The Duke and Duchess were handed some beautiful gifts when they attended the dinner. Prince William received a gold encrusted Malay warriors sword, also known as a kris. His wife was given some black lace peep toe shoes made by Malaysian designer Lewre, a Batik dress as well as a glittering diamante clutch.

The Royal couple have a lot of Royal engagements to attend during their Diamond Jubilee tour including visiting a Mosque, holding a tea party and making many speeches.

Asia Diamond Jubilee tour schedule;

  • Singapore 11th - 13th
  • Malaysia (Kuala Lumpar and Sabah, Borneo) 13th – 15th
  • The Solomon Islands 16th – 18th
  • Tuvalu 18th - 19th