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Education & Youth

Education & Youth

Princess Elizabeth was educated at home with Princess Margaret, her younger sister.

From an early age Elizabeth enjoyed art, music, horse-riding and swimming.

When her father succeeded to the throne in 1936, Princess Elizabeth became heir presumptive.  In preparation for her future role as Queen, she was taught constitutional history, law and French.

When she was eleven Elizabeth enrolled as a Girl Guide and became a Sea Ranger.

During the war years the two Princesses, Elizabeth and Margaret, were evacuated to live at Windsor Castle.

Main Image:  Princess Elizabeth is in her eighteenth year and a wealth of conjecture and rumour is a foot as to whom she will marry.  When this picture was taken it was anticipated that the future Queen would marry one of the young men who were invited to visit the Royal Lodge in Windsor Great Park, which the Royal family called their very own home.  Princess Elizabeth attired in the uniform of a first aid patrol leader, photographed in Windsor Great Park on August 17, 1943. (AP Photo)