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Jubilee Woods Project

Jubilee Woods Project

The Jubilee Woods Project is half-way to achieving its target with three million trees already planted!

Launched over a year ago in February 2011, the Jubilee Woods Project aims to create a 460-acre ‘public wood’ in the heart of The National Forest in Leicestershire, and plant six million trees across the nation in celebration of The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year.

Communities across the country have been inspired by the Jubilee Woods Project, which, in addition to the planting of millions of new trees by individuals and communities nationwide, includes the planting of 60 special ‘60-acre Diamond Woods’ to mark The Queen’s glorious 60-year reign.

The Woodland Trust, responsible for the project, is celebrating the success of the project so far.  The trust, which aims to involve one million school children in the project, is hoping that even more people will get involved when the tree planting season starts again in the Autumn.  The tree-planting season recently came to the end with the coming of Spring.

The ‘flagship’ Diamond Wood for the public, in Leicestershire, will see 300,000 trees planted over a three year period.  The trees will take 12 years to mature, by which time visitors can expect to enjoy a new area of outstanding natural beauty, which will be home to a diverse variety of wildlife.

The project is open to everyone – to find out how to get involved or how to create a Jubilee Wood visit

Image: Queen Elizabeth II plants a tree in the Diamond Jubilee Wood on the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk to mark her Diamond Jubilee. The Queen planted an oak which will be a focal point of the new 20-acre Jubilee Wood project which aims to plant six million native British trees to mark the Diamond Jubilee. Picture Date: Friday 3 February 2012. Photo credit: Arthur Edwards/The Sun/PA Wire