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Prince Harry’s Tour

Prince Harry’s Tour

On his first major overseas tour, Prince Harry, the younger son of the Prince of Wales and the late Princess Diana, is proving he knows just how to perform his Royal Duty.

In a jam-packed ten day Royal Tour to mark The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, The Prince has been warmly received by the residents and diplomats of Belize, Jamaica and The Bahamas.

The Prince has fulfilled a multitude of duties from serious meetings with key diplomats, including the Prime Minster of Jamaica, to posing with Beauty Queens from the Bahamas and meeting with locals during a walkabout at a “block party” in Belize.

Portia Simpson Miller, the Prime Minister of Jamaica is quoted as saying: “We are in love with him.  He’s a wonderful person, such a beautiful person.”

During his tour, the Prince has even come up against the ‘fastest man on the planet’ in a 100m sprint against Usain Bolt … the high-spirited Prince remarkably won the race, albeit slyly!

At the Jamaica Defense Force’s Up Park Camp in Kingston, Harry met soldiers and participated in target practice.  The 27-year old Prince is a qualified Apache attack helicopter pilot and is expected to return to Afghanistan.

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Image: Prince Harry sits with dancers and musicians during a visit to the Rise Life charity project , in Jamaica, as part of a Diamond Jubilee tour where he is a representing his grandmother, The Queen. Photo credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire