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Queens Dimaond Jubilee

Queen Elizabeths Closing Olympic Speech

With the London 2012 Olympic Games finally at an end, it is fair to say that the games have been a magnificent historical event! The Queen gave a speech as the London 2012 Games came to a close.

‘As the 2012 Olympic Games come to a close, I offer my congratulations to the athletes of Great Britain and the Commonwealth, whose efforts across the range of Olympic disciplines have truly captured the public’s imagination and earned their admiration.

‘The outstanding performance of Team GB, in achieving the greatest Olympic success since 1908, will, I am sure, have inspired a new generation of Olympians and reminded us all how sport unifies communities and nations.

‘I congratulate, too, the organisers of the Games, as well as the thousands of volunteers who have epitomized the Olympic spirit through the warm welcome they have shown to the sporting teams and spectators from all around the world.

‘As a nation, we now look forward to the Paralympic Games and wish all athletes every success.’

Although Queen Elizabeth II did not attend London 2012 closing ceremony as there was not an official role for a head of state in the ceremony, she still watched it. The Queen and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh are thought to of watched the ceremony from Barmoral, where the Royal Couple are on their traditional summer break. At the closing ceremony, there to represent Queen Elizabeth was Prince Harry, the Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Royal.

Team GB did Great Britain proud through the London 2012 Games, coming 3rd on the overall medals table with a jaw dropping total of 65 medals; 29 of the medals being gold. They did far better than in the Beijing 2008 Games, where they only won 47 medals, with only 19 of the medals being gold.

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