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The Role of the Sovereign

The Role of the Sovereign

The British Sovereign is both Head of State and Head of the Nation.

Head of State

As Head of State, Queen Elizabeth II is responsible for constitutional acts, including the opening of Parliament, the approval of Orders in Council, signing of Acts of Parliament and weekly meetings with the Prime Minister.

The Queen represents Britain on overseas State visits as well as receiving foreign ambassadors, high commissioners and visiting Heads of State.

Head of the Nation

As Head of the Nation, Queen Elizabeth II represents the national identity, unity and pride of Britain.

A main responsibility of The Queen is to bestow honours and awards on those who have made outstanding contributions to the country.

The Queen’s Birthday Honours List is announced at the time of the Queen’s official birthday in June when people from all walks of life are honoured for their outstanding achievement and service to society.

One of The Queen’s most active roles is to meet with people from every walk of life and from all parts of the nation.  The Queen holds an annual garden party at Buckingham Palace for guests from across the nation.