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Royal Baby News

On the 3rd of December 2012 Price William and Kate announced to the world the long awaited news that they are expecting their first child. The Royal couple married in April 2011 after being together since 2001. Most royal heirs have traditionally been born within a year of their parents’ marriage. Prince Charles was born within a year of Prince Philip marrying Queen Elizabeth. Following that tradition, Prince William was also born within a year of Princess Diana marrying Prince Charles. So the pressure was certainly on the young couple from their wedding day, though they always remained coy about starting a family, they never dismissed the idea during interviews.

The members of the Royal Family and the Duchess’s family are said to be delighted, as are people from all over the world. The news has made headlines across the commonwealth and the world, from England to New Zealand and from The United States to Africa. With both David Cameron and Barack Obama commenting and  sending their congratulations to the couple on the wonderful news.

It is being widely speculated that Kate Middleton and Prince William will continue to modernize the monarchy by being as hands on as possible with their child. Previous Royal Babies have mostly been in the care of Nannies whilst the parents are on duty traveling the world. Many are expecting this baby to break with tradition and travel with the parents on any foreign visits.

The next exciting news we are awaiting is what the new baby will be named. Royal naming is incredibly important. The name of a Royal Baby used to have to be a quite traditional family name such as George or Victoria and there was always a strict protocol to follow.  Diana was the first one to go against this as the original names wanted to be given to Prince William and Harry were Arthur and Albert but Diana put her foot down and named them as she wanted.

Even though it may not seem so, Prince Charles and Princess Diana also changed the way Royal babies were brought up.  In the past new Royal Babies were left in the care of their nannies the majority of the time, this was the same the Queen Elizabeth and her children. Once William and Harry were born they were mainly with their parents whether it was in England or traveling around the world. There are already unsubstantiated rumors that William and Kate will only be hiring a part time nanny…but we will all have to wait and see!

William and Harry were also taken to school, and unless she was working, Diana would take her boys personally, only leaving this to nannies when she was on an official duty.

The largest changes to protocol came in October 2011 when new rules were approved by the commonwealth leaders that change those in place since the 17th Century. Whether it’s a boy or girl, the first born will become heir to the throne. If it is a baby girl it will be the first time a girl takes precedence over the younger brother.

All we can do now it wait for our beautiful Duchess to give birth in July, we’re sure that William and Kate will make brilliant modern parents.

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