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Queens Dimaond Jubilee

Visit to Tuvalu

Prince William and The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, have recently been spending their time in Tuvalu as part of The Diamond Jubilee Tour. Even though it was the last day of the tour Price William and Kate were in very high spirits as they laughed away enjoying the islands traditional activities.

As part of their visit to the beautiful island, situated between Hawaii and Australia, they toured a primary school and a university campus following that they viewed demonstrations of traditional crafts and cooking while visiting a mocked-up Tuvaluan village.

The couple took part in various traditional activities. William was eager to show off his sporty side and joined in with the locals in on a game similar to volleyball where a large group of men fight to keep the ball in the air. Although in this game the ball was a coconut which William did seem to struggle to keep up.

Both William and Kate kept up to tradition and made the part wearing eye-catchingly bright grass skirts and danced the night away at a gathering of island chiefs where they were joined by six island communities of the South Pacific nation. They all join together in large groups at a ‘Fateles’ or a local dance where different groups try to out sing and dance each other in a friendly rivalry.

When as by Tapugao Falefou, a senior government official asked if he enjoyed himself William summed the night up as ‘good, really good- an amazing evening.”

As the visit to Tuvalu was the last in the Diamond Jubilee Tour the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is to return to the UK today after a nine-day Diamond Jubilee tour of South-East Asia and the South Pacific, a string of visits which saw them counties such as Singapore and Malaysia.